Moon Duo Energy Protocol

Moon Duo Energy Protocol


During our luteal phase, our energies become scrambled. We can feel anxious, fatigued, easily overwhelmed, hyper sensitive, and disconnected from our joy. This energy can be isolating and deeply frustrating to those of us who would rather just soldier on despite our body’s desperate cries for rest and reflection.

Luckily, if we learn to master our energy during this time, we can totally alter its course. With just a few minutes of energy exercises in the morning and evening, we can give ourselves the reset our bodies need. Throw in some extra time to reconnect with ourselves once or twice during our luteal phase and we have a recipe for an energy system that is refreshed, restored, and ready to be radiant!

This Energy Protocol lays out all of the exercises you need to replenish during your luteal phase and pairs beautifully with the Moon Duo by Sunny Hunny. Written by energetic intuitive and founder of Inner Play, Lenea Sims, it is specially formulated to rewire your energetic and neural pathways to get your energy flowing as smoothly as possible!

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