Moon Duo

Moon Duo


The Moon Duo by Sunny Hunny Herbs is a luteal phase lifesaver. Specially formulated by herbalist Nicole Mougin from herbs she either forages herself or obsessively sources, this duo is comprised of an herbal tincture and a massage oil. Not only do they tackle the physical discomfort that can come with pre-menstruation, but also the emotional and mental side effects. Seriously heaven sent!!

The tincture is made from Chaste Berry, Dandelion Root, Vervain, and Passionflower (all organic obvi) and is taken twice a day with tea in the days between ovulation and menstruation.

Once your period hits, the Oil is your gal. Made of Sesame Oil, Ginger Root, Mugwort, plus Clary Sage, Lavender, and Ylang-Ylang oils (also organic!!), this oil can be used to rub away cramps and lower back pain.

Seriously the most dynamic duo ESPECIALLY when paired with my Energy Protocol that I formulated in conjunction with Nicole. This is my step-by-step guide to how to care for our energy when we’re luteal. Whether you suffer from PMS or PMDD or just notice the shift in your body during your luteal, the energy exercises in this PDF guide will help you to care for your energy in all the best ways.

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