Lend An Ear Presence Plushie™

Lend An Ear Presence Plushie™


The Lend An Ear Presence Plushie ™ is an aromatherapeutic meditation buddy. Imbued with intention and charged with Reiki, the Presence Plushies™ add a tactile and olfactory element to your meditation practice, encouraging you to stay centered and grounded. Handmade with felt and stuffed with lavender, the Ear plush is made to order so please allow up to one week for creation.


Lend An Ear plushie is here to remind you that you can reach a mindful state at any time when you remember that your mind literally just trying to chat with you. So, lend it an ear. Nod along, politely question it when it says something fucking weird, encourage it when it sounds down on itself, gas it up when it’s feelin’ fab. Treat your mind like a friend.

When we can reach a state of friendliness with our minds, we can pick and choose the lessons we want to take from it. We can see it for it’s helpful and it’s not-so-helpful tendencies and – most importantly – we can remember that the mind is not us. It is simply a friend, needing an ear.

The Lend An Ear Presence Plushie™ is for you if:

– You want to cultivate a better relationship with your mind

– You have a hard time deciphering between intuition and anxious thoughts

– You want to be able to hear source energy messages that support and uplift you

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