How to Make Your Highest Self Happy: A Workbook by Inner Play

How to Make Your Highest Self Happy: A Workbook by Inner Play

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Journal Prompts, Creative Ceremonies, Coloring Pages, and Energy Exercises for Aligning with Your Truth

This is a self-help program disguised as a workbook disguised as a zine! But don’t let it’s cute exterior fool you – there’s some major inner play going on in there! With a 17-step process informed by psychology, neuroscience, and energy medicine, this program is a culmination of the last four years of my work aligning people with energies that support and uplift them.

Designed to take you through a spiritual inquiry of one life aspect at a time (career, health, relationships, etc), this workbook will take you on a journey that includes:

  • Acknowledging + Releasing old patterns and beliefs that stunt your growth

  • Meeting your highest self

  • Figuring out what actions will support you in reaching her/him/them

  • Creating a simple + effective plan for daily action towards making your highest self – AKA your gosh darn spirit !! – BLISSED OUT

Plus there’s lots of doodle to color, some fun ceremonies to try, and a whole section dedicated to energy exercises that will support your joy, clarity, and confidence as you journey to your highest self.

I’m sooo stoked to share these labors of love and hope with you!!!

5.5 x 8.5 inches, 36 pages, SHIPS FREE!

*email me if you are outside of the US!

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