Custom Energy Program

Custom Energy Program


Need advice? Stuck in a spiritual query? Want some new tools for your self-care toolkit?


Send your dilemma to energy educator Lenea Sims and she’ll send you an email within 72 biz hours that includes both spiritual guidance AND several actionable practices you can integrate into your daily. The advice and exercises given will be rooted in Lenea’s own background of psychology, spiritual advising, energy work, and creative therapies. Using her custom program, you’ll experience a profound shift from stuck and overwhelmed to deeply connected and aligned with joy.


“I sought Lenea’s services in the middle of a time of much confusion and despair. I had put my two weeks in at a job that did not value me and wasn’t sure what I would do for work next. I wanted to commit to my art full-time, but felt overwhelmed by scarcity mindset and self-limitation. Lenea’s energy protocol came as a blessing. Designed to target my root and solar plexus, it jump started my self-trust and self-belief as I took a leap of faith in my career. The protocol also included tricks to wind down panic and self-soothe by talking to my inner child. My mindset has shifted, I no longer assume the job I truly want is impossible. I feel more joyous in my own company. I’m happy to say that I am now a full-time artist who is living freer everyday. I face much uncertainty in my line of work, and whenever I need a boost for my body and soul I return to the protocol. I’m so grateful for this medicine, I’m so grateful for Lenea. I highly recommend you support yourself by engaging her services. “ – Z.L.

“[This] came to my rescue when I had a stubborn issue that beckoned for a deeper look. Lenea pinpointed the problem area with ease and within days her recommended tools unraveled the energy around the issue and lead me to both a deeper understanding of myself and my unconscious behavior patterns. It’s well worth the investment and presents an easy and warm alternative to endless google searches.” – Y.M.

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