Collage Party Pack – Limited Edition

Collage Party Pack – Limited Edition

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The Collage Party Pack includes glue sticks, super cute journals for housing your creations, a myriad of stickers, and an image booklet complete with fun convo starters and intentions. Images + stickers curated by artist + tarot reader extraordinaire Zoie Harmon with an Abundance theme in mind so you can bring in that good energy while you craft!

Gather your chosen family + pair with wine, Traditional Medicinals, Queer Eye, a sprinkle of intention setting, cozy blankets , a Domino’s pizza, etc. This Party Pack is available for a limited time as part of our launch party.

Because circling up should be fun, playful, creative, AND affordable! Who’s got time for getting drunkenly slammed into at a bar or sitting awkwardly through yet another trauma-fueled healing circle? I’m alllll for coming together in community to do our inner work but let’s keep it conscious AND joyful, am I right?!

Cue: the Party Packs. Artist + healer-designed boxes o’ joy to spice up your next night in with your friends! Craft and Commune is the new Netflix and Chill, we’re sure of it.

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