Butterfly Magic Presence Plushie™

Butterfly Magic Presence Plushie™


The Butterfly Magic Presence Plushie ™ is an aromatherapeutic meditation buddy. Imbued with intention and charged with Reiki, the Presence Plushies™ add a tactile and olfactory element to your meditation practice, encouraging you to stay centered and grounded. Handmade with felt and stuffed with lavender, these plushie is one of a kind.


Ah, the patron saint of Inner Play herself: the butterfly. Butterflies represent evolution performed with ease and grace. Floating on the wind, she allows life to take her where it may and is simply happy to have emerged from her cocoon to watch it unfold.

This joyful, playful approach to change is what butterfly is all about. She asks us to resist less and go with the flow more. She begs us to be colorful, vibrant, and effortless about our growth rather than fearful, anxious, and negative about it.

The Butterfly Magic Presence Plushie™ is for you if:

– You need grace and trust to handle a significant change

– You seek support in your evolution

– You are calling in more joy and playfulness to your life

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