Baby Bee Presence Plushie™

Baby Bee Presence Plushie™


The Baby Bee Presence Plushie ™ is an aromatherapeutic meditation buddy. Imbued with intention and charged with Reiki, the Presence Plushies™ add a tactile and olfactory element to your meditation practice, encouraging you to stay centered and grounded. Handmade with felt and stuffed with lavender, these plushie is one of a kind.


Bees are the great connectors. They hop around from flower to flower, extracting sweetness from beauty. Then, the come together in community to share their abundance and create nourishment for other species. I meannnn…how fabulous is that?!

Bee magic is not just about abundant sweetness, though. It’s also about the dedication and productive focus required to make your dreams come true. It’s also about sharing your wealth with everyone, for the highest good.

Baby Bee is your energy object if you:

– Struggle with procrastination (see this too)

– Are calling in abundance but lack clarity on your mission

– Seek community to share in your riches

– Want to become more aware of the interconnectedness of life

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