Pendulums: A Secret Tool for the Indecisive Intuitive

Get a pendulum that's as sexy and original as you!

Get a pendulum that's as sexy and original as you!

Last week, I paid a visit to my esthetician Tracy Carrara who also  happens to be my best friend Tara's mom. Tracy not only gets my skin lookin' fresh as a daisy, but she's also the fairy godmother every grown ass woman needs in their life. On top of being an esthetician, she's also a shaman, tarot reader, crystal healer, and overall one of the most nurturing souls I've ever come across. If you're remotely into witchy shit or just generally want your skin and soul to radiate at the same damn time, there is no better face lady than this face lady.

Anyhow, as much as I love her, this is not a post about Tracy. Instead, it's a post about a very tiny present Tracy gave me last week. Fresh off a trip to the Tucson Gem Show and very aware of my budding interest in crystals, Tracy pulled out an entire bag of quartz pendulums and gently asked me, "Nay nay – do you have a pendulum yet?" I just about lost my shit. A PENDULUM?! FOR MEEEE?!!! For those of you who are like lol why is this chick so pumped about a crystal on a string..? ME AND TRACY WILL TELL YOU WHY.

"In Shamanic work," Tracy explained to me, "we use pendulums to test the energy of the Chakras to see which ones are out of line." Determining which chakras are in balance, of course, helps to narrow down what spiritual and emotional issues someone is having so that their energy healer can be of better service. Pendulums aren't magical or psychic in and of themselves, it's important to note. Instead, they are simply an extension of their owner's consciousness, helping to train the intuition by showing them  the answers they already know to be true.

Let's back up. "The way you program the pendulum," says Tracy, "is to align it with your energy and then ask it 'what is yes for me? What is no for me?" "Test it a few times," she continues, "and watch which way it swings to make sure it's consistent." From there, you can start asking your pendulum all sorts of yes or no questions to gain better clarity on situations, energy, or just what you should eat for lunch. Tracy even uses it with clients to determine if a product is going to be good for their skin. Like I said earlier, the pendulum itself isn't deciding anything at all. On the contrary, the crystal vibrations help you access your highest state of mind to give you the answer you already innately know.

For some of you, this might prove entirely useless. Maybe you're great at making snap decisions based on your instinctual feelings and DON'T NEED NO MAN (by which I mean this slightly phallic shaped object). But for me, the most annoying of indecisive humanoids, this thing is a game changer. No longer will I have to think for three days about whether to move my bed a foot to the left. No longer do I need to stand in front of my medicine cabinet wondering which hydrating mask to do for so long that I end up going to sleep instead, thirsty face in tow. Yes, for me, this pendulum business is revolutionary.

The best part? A week into the use of my pendulum, I've started to need it less. In the same way that I can predict what advice my best friend would give me before I call her, I can predict which way the pendulum will swing. Because – woah– the pendulum, an extension of my own being, IS my best friend! It knows what I need because I know what I need. Why bother getting one then? Because, even if you know what your best friend is going to say, isn't it still nice to know you have someone to call?

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