Look Out Stress Balls, A New Fidget Widget is in Town


I don't know about you, but stress balls have never really cut it for me. Try as I may, they honestly just remind me of the time I swore I had appendicitis, made my dad take me to the hospital, and felt stupid as the ER doctor told me I really just strained a muscle – while stabbing a stress ball with a tiny pair of scissors. I'm not one to judge anyone's stress-relieving practices but WHO DOES THAT?!

After talking with a coworker about the benefits of toys for combatting anxiety, I became increasingly curious about the benefits of so-called 'fidget widgets.'  As you may assume, these objects are amazing at getting your mind off of your stressors by refocusing your nerves on something tangible. They calm you, get you to concentrate, and keep your body relaxed in times of anxiety.

Armed with this knowledge, it took all of my strength not to spend $50 on a treasure trove of Play-Doh, a Slinky, Water Marbles, a Rubix Cube, and this weird thing. And thank goodness I held off because, shortly after my search, the universe gave me Slime.

If you don't know, Slime is all the rage. A strange but deeply satisfying gooey (hello!! already sold!!) substance, Slime always begins with glue, can have lotion or shaving cream or contact solution or soap in it, and comes in every color you can imagine. Some even have glitter or sequins or styrofoam balls in them. Considering the way it's sweeping the tween set and the fact that stores are literally selling out of glue, I like to think of it as a kind of PG-13 mindfulness meth.

Obviously I'm joking, but also let it be known that I, like the (mostly) girls who devote entire Instagram accounts to the stuff, am fully addicted. Ever since I bought my first batch from my supplier – 11 year-old Sofia – I haven't been able to put it down. As Sofia told me, "Mentally, it's so mindless it's just like takes your mind off things." She continued, "I'm not really bored anymore because I always have something to do!"

Not only is it ideal for solo play – while watching TV, chatting on the phone, sitting through conference calls – but it's also SO FUN to enjoy with friends. Seriously, on it's first day in our house, my roommates and I spent two solid hours throwing it on our ceiling, playing catch with it, dripping it over things, and laughing at the fart noises it makes. The stuff is a time portal to tweendom without the poor fashion choices and pesky hormones. It's sticky, but doesn't stick to you – keep it away from textiles and hair, though. It feels great, calms you down, and Sofia even told me that "some videos say it's supposed to tingle your brain." Oh! And did I mention, because of the lotion, you're hands will come away silky smooth?? Seriously, I thought about marketing this as a moisturizer it's so good.

I love the stuff so much that I even got Sofia to make me a few different batches to sell at my "Self-Love Stuff" event last month. Yes, you can absolutely make this yourself. But if you're like me and delayed gratification and/or fighting tweens for glue isn't your jam, you can also get your hands on the few I have left by emailing me at hello@gooeygirl.com. I have a lovely shade of millennial pink that will make you swoooooon and also some tubs of white which you can even dye yourself using food coloring or marker! For nine measly dollars, you can support a really dope 11 year old and this site, PLUS have the gift of Slime for a lifetime – or at least until your mom steals it from you (true story).

Oh yeah – I also renamed it The Goo. Because duh.

-  Lenea Sims

Image: "The Gang" by Dan Lam via Wallpaper