Make Aromatherapy Hydrosols at Home


ICYMI I got real DIY slap happy last weekend and made an incredible eucalyptus, lemon and plumeria hydrosol in the comfort of my own home. I documented the journey on my Instagram story and decided to compile it here for you into one concise video for your learning ease!

Hydrosols are the product of distilled fresh plant materials (i.e. leaves, flowers, and fruits) and produce similar healing effects to essential oils but, because they are less concentrated and you can make them at home, are much more accessible and affordable. The process for distilling them at home will make you feel like a verified witch but also like Ina Garten and, really, what better combo could there EVER be?

Hydrosols make for amazing air fresheners, facial toners, deodorants, perfumes, and aromatherapy sprays. I personally love to spritz my face with mine before moisturizing and throughout the day when I start to feel dry. The eucalyptus is soothing and clarifying and the lemon is like an instant wake-up call, making for a perfect mid-day self-care moment. That said, grab whatever plants you have and get busy! Whether it's flowers from your garden (or your neighbors...guilty hehe), fresh herbs from the market, leftover citrus from your meal prep, you really can't go wrong! The fun is in the experimenting, the concocting, the exploration of what soothes you.

This is an awesome DIY project that really only takes about 10 minutes of prep work, after which you can sit back and let the stove do the work as your house fills up with delicious plant aroma. In case you get distracted by my derpage in the video above and would like step-by-step instructions, look no further...than this VERY pretty image I took of my hydrosols, that is :) JK deets and instructions after the jump.

Intentions: Recite these to yourself before, throughout, and after this DIY. Let them come back to you, too, whenever you spray your hydrosol. Because it's not just about the healing that comes from the end result, but from the journey there y'all.

- I innately know what is best for me.

- I allow the energy of these plants and their aromas to move through me and heal me.

- I accept my role as healer of my own life.

Supplies needed:

- Stock pot with lid (preferably clear lid)

- Plant materials, enough to fill a 1-2 inch layer on the bottom of a large stock pot

- Ice cubes

- Ziploc bags, either one large gallon size or two small quart size

- Vegetable steamer or ramekin or brick

- Pyrex measuring cup or bowl

- Dark glass spray bottles; I use these and they're on sale!

- Colloidal Silver (optional); this is my fave


1. Prepare your stock pot by putting your vegetable steamer, ramekin, or brick in the center of the pot.

2. Add your prepared plant materials. For plants, remove any stems and only add in leaves or petals. For fruits, you can add in the peels and any juices. Be sure to distribute everything evenly around your steamer/ramkein/brick.

3. Place your Pyrex or a bowl on top of the steamer/ramekin/brick.

4. Place the lid on upside down on your pot so that the top knob is pointing into the pot, towards your Pyrex/bowl.

5. Place bags of ice on top of the lid and turn the stove onto a low heat, as if you were steaming vegetables.

6. Watch as the steam rises to the top of the pot, hits the cold lid and returns to your bowl as condensation. Replace ice as it melts.

7. Steam this way for 30 minutes - 3 hours. The longer you go, the more hydrosol you will collect in your Pyrex/bowl.

8. When you've collected enough hydrosol, remove the lid (carefully, it's hot!) and pull out your Pyrex/bowl.

9. If you're using it, pour in some colloidal silver to stabilize the solution and naturally preserve it. Next, pour the hydrosol into your glass containers and screw on the lids. Voila!

10. If you haven't used any colloidal silver in your hydrosol, store the bottles in the refrigerator so they don't prematurely spoil.


- If you're going to use delicate flowers, blend them with other flowers or distill them on their own. The plumeria I used got totally lost amongst the strength of the eucalyptus so next time I'll let them shine solo.

- These make bomb presents! To make them even more high vibe, try closing your eyes and meditating on the person you're gifting them too, letting ideas for plant combinations flow into you.

- There are affiliate links in this post, but only ever to things I actually own, use, and love! Thank you for supporting me and your own healing with the purchase of these things!

- If you make a hydrosol, tag me on Instagram and use #gooeygirlthings!

Blessings, bbs!!!!