Gooey Girl Gift Guide 2016


Let's face it: 2016 was a raging bitch of a year and you deserve a present. I won't recount all of the turmoil we've encountered because 1) we're all about #goodvibesonly 'round here and 2) you don't live under a rock. Point is, the holidays are prime time to lay the issues of the past year to rest, reset our systems, and treat ourselves to all of life's little indulgences. Alas, here are 10 really good ones to get you started. BONUS POINTS: Purchasing any one of these products means supporting a woman-owned business this holiday so gift thyself a big ole' pat on the back too.

1. Chakrubs The Heart

Breaking all the rules and putting the best first here. Probably the best present I've ever received, The Heart is one of the OG toys from Chakrubs. A line of "sexual wellness toys" made of 100% pure crystal, Chakrubs are said to align your body's sexual energy with the perfect crystalline structure of the toy leaving you in a more harmonious and healthy state filled with healing, peace, and love. It's a lofty promise indeed, but in my own experience, a completely fulfilled one. Don't believe me? Read these insanely glowing reviews and get back to me once you order your own.

2. Topaz Rose + Emerald Chakra Spray

One of my favorite ways to begin the day is with a spritz of Topaz's Chakra Spray in Rose + Emerald. A few deliciously-smelling sprays around the aura are said to open up the heart chakra, increasing the capacity for love and compassion. Setting the tone for any intentions, affirmations, or mantras you want to recite, this spray makes for a beautiful start to the day.

3. Shiva Rose Saffron Rose Scrub

Handmade in small batches by Shiva Rose, this scrub marries traditions of Ayurvedic and Persian beauty rituals for a union that's as yummy and effervescent as it is effective. Loaded with active ingredients like saffron for brightening skin, sandalwood for pore reduction, chickpea flour for gentle cleansing, coconut milk for improved skin elasticity, and rose oil for cell renewal, this scrub is a cure all for every skin type. It comes in a dried powder and I like to mix mine with some rosewater, coconut oil, and colloidal silver for an ultimate spa experience.

4. Spirit Speak Vessel Oracle

T God for best friends that let you longterm borrow their oracle cards because I wouldn't have discovered these magical babes without them (hey thanks Tara:)). Pairing stunningly simple words of encouragement and gorgeous illustrations, these cards by Mary Elizabeth Evans of Spirit Speak Tarot are the perfect deck for both those with a budding interest in tarot and more experienced practitioners looking to spice it up a bit. I loooooove these like woah.

5. Fur Oil

A totally natural product made from jojoba, clary sage, and tea tree oils, Fur Oil is the first line of products made specifically care for pubic hair and skin. Working to clear pores and soften pubic hair, this stuff does WONDERS for the prevention of ingrown hairs. They also sell super cute ish like this little trio set so you can gift a bottle to fellow furry friends and this collab with Only Hearts that comes with a pair of cute undies. Oh, and there's a holiday sale for 30% off. SURGE AHEAD, MY FRIENDS.

6. Pansy Co. Bra

Alas, we come to an item on this list I don't already own. I've been eyeing these beauties forever, though and might just have to make the plunge this holiday season. Made of super comfy cotton, these cuties are just screaming to be worn for cozy #selfcaresunday spent in bed. Or, you know, any other day of the week because fuck underwire, am I right?

7. Blackbird Hekkes Incense

My besties Celene and Annie of Larkspur Company first turned me onto these bomb incense cones and, since I'm lucky enough to live with Annie, I get to smell them all the damn time burning in our house. The fragrances these babies omit is beyond anything I've ever experienced with traditional stick incense and, after they're done burning, their scent lingers subtly for hours. In a word: amaze.

8. Ventrone Chronicles Contiuum Choker

If you wanna get on North West's style level – and let's face it, who doesn't? – pick yourself up one of these puppies. Surprisingly affordable and carefree chic, all of these necklaces are on my wishlist this Christmas. But since my uncles are probably conspiring to buy me a hideous hat, I'll just go ahead and get one for myself. I suggest you do the same.

9. Fred + Far Self Love Pinky Ring

The lovely women of Fred + Far have created more than a bomb jewelry line, they've created a mass movement of women loving themselves. I'm lucky enough to be a member of their official tribe and it's been incredible to see the mass of women around the world who've made a pledge to put themselves first with this ring as their reminder. As I explained on their site, my ring acts a relic of my self-care journey as it constantly reminds me to put my own needs and desires above all else. Plus it's realllllly shiny and cute :)

10. Cold Picnic Private Parts Bathmat

If you're like me and have finally reached the age where nesting feels a better use of your money than a night out on the town, this is the pinnacle of a gift to self. I've been obsessed with this bathmat for an embarrassingly long time because it's cute AF and also a reminder to all who come into my space that I'm all about celebrating lady parts without shame. I am PASSIONATE about this rug, y'all. Damn, looks like it's finally time to cop.

Happy holidays, friends and don't forget to show me what you get: #gooeygirlthings

- Lenea Sims