You're Five Minutes Away from Morning Magic


While anyone who’s ever witnessed me waking up might disagree, I consider myself a die-hard morning person. I’m definitely not a get-up-and-go kind of girl nor can I form a proper sentence for a solid half hour after I wake up; but my bed is my holy grail happy place and slow mornings in it are incredibly sacred. You see fam, I spent years as a stay-in-bed-until-it’s-inappropriate kind of human who got up only when I felt I might surpass my limit for being fashionably late. Then I’d rush around the house, try to avoid tripping over my increasingly slow-moving dog, put on makeup while drinking (usually old) coffee, spend too much time picking an outfit, and rush out of the house with toast hanging out of my mouth resolving to put my lipstick on at a red light somewhere along the way.

Recently, though, I’ve been more than a little frustrated with that routine. More and more, it feels like I’m getting up just to go out and be there for other people. Don’t get me wrong – I get plenty of satisfaction out of being part of the world and, truly, my day doesn’t really get started until I’ve managed to emerge from the comfort of home. But I’m also fully aware that putting myself first means quite literally placing myself first in my day.

Alas, over the last few months, I’ve decided to embrace at least a dollop of self-care in the morning and now I try out a variety of routines based on just how much bed time I’m willing to give up on a given day. On days when I have to escape my pillow fort – s/o to all eight of my pillows tho – and get the day going, I take just a quick five minutes.

After a few good aggressive taps on the snooze button and some squeaking, I sit up in bed and try to avoid looking at my phone until my eyes have adjusted to some natural light. Then, I grab my Topaz Chakra Spray and give myself a few sprays of Love & Compassion before thinking through some mantras to get my head in the game. Not only do the cool spritzes jolt me into existence, but I find having an action to perform – however small – really gets me in the mood to connect with myself first thing in the day.

Next up are the mantras themselves. The last thing I want to do in the AM is make a decision so I usually just let my mind wander into the positive message of its choice. Lately, my good ole brain has been repeating “I am peace and love,” “I am worthy,” and “Choose optimism.” Not only does arriving at these naturally help to avoid mental fatigue so early in the day, but it also is incredible for self-trust to watch how your mind will lead you to positivity if you let it. Once I feel satisfied with my mantras, I force a big cheesy grin for half a minute or so. I won’t lie to you, this feels lowkey idiotic the first few times you do it, but it’s been proven that this practice genuinely reduces stress throughout the day.

- Lenea Sims