Besides being a fun exercise in compiling all of the completely nonsensical music that has been upping my vibe these days, creating this playlist was actually very scientific in the making. As I'm sure you know via various life experience,  music affects our energy TREMENDOUSLY. The neurochemical effects music has on our brain are the reason we perk up when we blast old Britney during a road trip (hello adrenaline spike!) and also why we get sleepy when we play Bach.

#GGPLAYLIST VOL 01 - SPICE UP YOUR LIFESTYLE takes us on a journey to test these very ideas. Beginning at at country, departing at trap, we'll be making pitstops at folk, R&B, dancehall and Drake along the way. Listen when you wake up in a salty ass mood, are going from a trying workday to a poppin night out, or just need a midday boost.

In short, this is the ultimate playlist for going from drab to fab. Ya digggg?


P.S. This shit is all over the place so shuffle at your own risk ;)