Practice Makes Patience


Gooey Girl, August Editor's Letter

One of the main tenets of Gooey Girl has always been that self-care requires study. Hence our really handy nav bar and general giddy attitude about research. We’re studying how we can achieve that always out-of-reach feeling of total presence. That feeling we get when we’re so into whatever we’re doing that we forget about past and future and rest squarely in the here and now. That feeling of total contentment and joy when we do something that just sits right with our souls. For some of us it’s a weekly pedicure and for others it’s running a marathon; maybe baking or setting time aside to read or growing veg in the garden.

And like all things we study, this whole self-care thing takes practice. It takes some trial and error sometimes to figure out exactly which activities bring us joy and which ones, despite our high hopes, just don’t sit right with our truths (hello jogging). But unlike what your rickety old tennis coach once told you, practice does not make perfect. Or, at least, it doesn’t need to in order to really matter and alter our lives. Instead, as our August theme suggests, Practice Makes Patience. While passion for a new hobby may stir overnight, a relentless desire to get better at something and improve yourself in the process does not. Instead, in order to create new habits that serve us, we must employ some form of will power, some shred of tenacious effort, some exuberant tolerance for our process.
So this month we’re exploring and celebrating some practices that take persistence. We’re talking affirmations, meditation, mindful eating, gratitude, and more. We’re taking ourselves to task, trying new things, and pushing ourselves to stick to it – all in the name of that greatest virtue: patience. Because this process is all about progress and plateaus, but, as our friend Camille so beautifully put it, "you have to remember that that’s all a part of growing."