Creating Sacred Space with Lili Pettit, Founder of Clutter Healing

Two things that happened recently made me want to reach out to

Lili Pettit

. First, I signed a lease for my very first grown-up apartment (sans roommates). And second, in the process of moving, I came to the realization that I really really do not like stuff. Which is funny because I love to shop, ADORE my clothes like they're my children, and I literally studied material culture in college. So what gives?

Most of us know that that the more materialistic you are, the more likely you are to be depressed. But science also shows that if you invest in things that bring you experiences, then you can avoid the pitfalls of materialism and actually still lead a fulfilling life, stuff included.

This synopsis of a study

 on the phenomenon explains it super well by noting that experiences tend to improve in our memories, while we can watch physical items decay before our very eyes. They go on to explain that the trick, then, to loving things and remaining happy is to invest in things that bring you experiences. This could include things like concert tickets or tennis rackets, but also just everyday items that fully engage your senses.

And that's where Lili comes in. The founder of LA-based practice

Clutter Healing,

her work centers around helping people identify their emotional attachments to their things and energetically clearing their spaces of the bad vibes produced by materialistic lifestyles. She graciously agreed to answer some questions to help me prep for my move, which you'll find below. And after the Q&A, I'll give you the deets on how her suggestions helped me IRL.

Why is it important for us to have clutter-free spaces energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally?

Clutter-free environments reduce anxiety and give the brain more peace of mind. Our brains are only able to process a certain amount of visual stimuli. Once the visual senses are overloaded the other sense go into overdrive in order to compensate causing cortisol (stress hormones) levels to increase kicking in the fight or flight response. I'm always looking for ways to reduce anxiety in my life and if keeping my home in order influences that, then I'm on board.

I've personally always felt that having a sense of order and cleanliness in my home made me feel safe and relaxed. I grew up in an alcoholic household where things were very unpredictable. Having an area of my own which felt in order was vital to my well being from a very young age.

How can we decide if an item should remain in our space?

Lili Petit: I recommend asking yourself these 3 questions before making any purchase AND when deciding if you should keep something:

1. Does this bring me joy?

2. Is this useful?

3. Will I need this or care about this 

5 years from now


4. When deciding on if you should let go of it: Would I walk into a store today and buy this?

What are some ways that we can bless our homes? 

LP: 1. Simply saying THANK YOU to your space on a regular basis is a huge way to raise a homes vibration

2. Saging your home on a regular basis literally cleans the air!

It's been proven scientifically.

3. I encourage my clients to set an intention for the vibe they want to have in their home. Keeping  up that vibe takes discipline and dedication. When you keep true to your intention you are blessing our home.

How can working with you lead someone towards having a more sacred space?

LP: I support my clients by helping them bring their household visions and heartfelt desires to life. My intention is for the client to feel as though we have created a very sacred intentional space that provides whatever their life needs in this moment.

What's the best testimonial you've ever received?

LP:"You make me feel better than Prozac"

I knew Lili was a lady who's advice I could trust after her answer to my very first question. Like her, I also grew up in a somewhat turbulent household with a mom who loooovvesss stuff (hence my affinity for shopping). By the time I reached adulthood, I found that having my own sacred space was, well, sacred.  And having that space be tidy and devoid of clutter was so calming to my nerves, it became a total escape. So when Lili put into a words a feeling I've always known, I knew I was in good hands.

If you take one thing away from this interview, let it be the tips for deciding what stays in your sacred space. These tips made what was once a painful experience -- divorcing myself of all my clothes/memories wearing them -- into a completely painless one.  Lili's guidelines helped us both get rid of over 3 trash bags full of old clothes and room decor. And now it feels like we really have a fresh start  in the new place. Never underestimate the value of having rules to follow in a situation where there are so many decisions to be made. Pure divinity, my friends!

We also followed Lili's advice to sit down and talked about our intentions for our new space. Verbalizing the kind of life we want to live in our new home put me at such ease and turned all of my anxieties to excitement about the future. If this is the high I can get from just a few emails back and forth, I can only imagine what a transformative experience working with Lili IRL would be. If you're curious, I implore you to find out -- your sacred space will thank you.