September is Find Your Flow Month ~

Helloooo Gooey fam!

When I was getting ready for September, I couldn't help but to recognize all of the beautiful work we did during Rewrite Your Story month. We recognized where we were holding ourselves back, identified what patterns were leaving us feeling stuck, and began taking radical responsibility for our lives. Now that we've begun the work to rewrite our stories, though, how can we focus on the patterns that do work? The answer is flow.

For the uninitiated, flow is a psychological concept that refers to the feeling of being totally in the zone. Whether you find it cooking, hula hooping, or in the midst of captivating conversation, flow happens when you feel so deeply involved in something that you lose track of time. And, idk about you, but any activity that allows me to get totally present is at the top of my self-care list. That said, this month's Gooey Girl theme is:


Quite simply I'm convinced that, if we can consciously cultivate more flow in our lives, the work of cultivating self-care is done. If we can release our hold on what we "should" be doing at any given moment and instead tune into what gets us into our zone, we're opening up to the divine wisdom of our higher selves.

And that's really the beauty of this month: you already know what flow means to you. Take this month to rediscover, refocus, and recalibrate by leaning into your truth. Oh and, shameless plug, use these dope ass wallpapers by Zoie Harmon to keep you on your path. Make sure to click through the slides to find the best one for you.

As always, share how you find flow with me and the rest of your Gooey fam. Email me, tweet me, tag me – put your story out there and inspire someone else.

xo, Lenea