August is Rewrite Your Story Month

Hey lovelies!!!

Thank you, as always, for being here. For yourselves, that is.

This month on Gooey Girl is ALL about showing up for ourselves fully by taking control of our lives, once and for all. It's about rethinking our past hurts and acknowledging them as the wonderful experiences for growth that they were. It's about letting go of the limited beliefs we have of ourselves so that we can create new habits and patterns that support our evolution. And, it's about challenging ourselves to face new obstacles with optimism as our guiding light so that we may continue to surprise and amaze ourselves.

That's right, y'all: it's REWRITE YOUR STORY month.

As you begin this month, take a long hard look at how you can rewrite your own story so that life is not simply happening to you, but for you. Ask yourself: "What's isn't working for me?" Is it a job, relationship, living situation, attitude? And what changes can you make, right now, towards living your best life? How can you release resentment for the things that didn't go your way and move on in peace and light? What dusty old opinions do you hold about yourself that are getting in the way and how can you purge those suckas ASAP?

To get started, take advantage of these incredibly dope phone background intentions written by moi and designed specifically for Gooey by the incredible Bernita Ling. What better way to keep this message front of mind this month, am I right?!

Have a beautiful August and remember, it's never too late to begin a new story.

xo, Lenéa