Ruby Warrington, Writer and Founder of The Numinous


Ruby Warrington is one of those people who, when you Instagram her incredible book, will send you an enthusiastic "yay!" at the sight of it. Indeed, this is how I 'met' her and – being the fangirl that I am – I knew immediately I had to make her a Gooey Girl Crush! In the process of  both interviewing her and reading her book, Ruby has revealed herself to be a beacon of knowledge, wit, and thoughtfulness and I'm honored to have her here. I'm sure you will all find her as inspiring as I do.

"I’m Ruby and I’m a journalist and author of Material Girl, Mystical World: The NowAge Guide to a High Vibe Life. I’m also the Founder of cosmic lifestyle platform The best place to connect with me is on Instagram and Facebook.

We’re living through some pretty interesting times right now, meaning the world is changing faster than our minds, bodies and spirits can keep up. Personally, engaging in self-care practices that help me feel grounded, relaxed and confident has become an essential way to counter the craziness of the outside world. I know I’m not alone in this, and I think the rapid pace of technological, social, and political change in the 21st Century is what’s driving the current self-care revolution.

I moved to NYC and began work on The Numinous in 2012, a real turning point in my career. I’d got super burned out in my old life working as a magazine journalist in London, and was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and majorly uninspired. I realized this was no way to live, especially if I wanted to do work that was contributing anything of value to the world. The move to NYC was a natural point of transition into work that felt more meaningful to me, while my own burn-out also emphasized the importance of self-care, self-love, and seeking practices and philosophies to help me better understand myself and my place in the cosmos.

Most of my self-care is self-administered, and on a daily basis it comes down to really simple things; yoga + meditation, eating food that nourishes me, making sure I get enough sleep, and monitoring my own self-talk and emotional life. The deep tissue massage from Kumi Sawyers is really something special though, and in my book I write about more in-depth self-care or healing experiences with practitioners such as breathwork healer Erin Telford, modern shamanic practitioners Marika Messager and Deborah Hanekamp, and reiki master Sushma Sagar. I also had a shamanic hair treatment with Andrea Scarbrough recently that was the perfect combo of pampering, glamour and self-care.

PLAY: Like a lot of people my social life used to revolve around alcohol, and part of my spiritual / self-care journey has been cutting back majorly on booze. I even run a fun event series for other “sober curious” souls called Club SÖDA NYC. There’s a chapter in my book called “Healing Is The New Nightlife” which goes into more detail about my journey with this, as well as the joys of the “healing hang date”! Not relying on booze to relax and enjoy myself I feel more energized, I connect more deeply with friends, and overall feel more confident and inspired about my life.

MUNCH: I stopped eating meat for environmental reasons 7 years ago, and these days I eat like 90% plant-based. This has had a huge impact on my digestion, energy levels, and overall sense of wellbeing.I also see care for the planet as self-care, since it’s all connected!

SWEAT: As for exercise, I try to do some kind of movement every day—cardio drills, yoga, or just a long walk from Brooklyn into the city. But the big difference now is that it’s not about the number of calories burned, and more about how good it makes me feel.

CREATE: This is about keeping enough space in my schedule to allow for inspiration to flourish. If every minute of every day is booked up, there’s just no room for the spark of creativity to work its magic.

SOOTHE: I have always loved to read novels and this is still my favorite way to relax. I love the escapism and sense of connection to a deeper human truth that I get when I’m able to lose myself in a good story.

GO: Anywhere with my husband, known in my book as “the Pisces.” He’s my best friend and he always tells it to me straight, so I can talk to him about anything and come away with a new perspective. If I had to choose a place for this conversation to take place, it would be walking through a forest in Hawaii, or sitting on a beach at sunset in Ibiza. I am a city girl through and through—I love the energy—but nothing beats being immersed in nature to get back in touch with the big picture.

STUDY: I posted an Instagram meme I found the other day that said: “Aligned is the new hustle,” and my current practice is to be very mindful of how and where I am putting my time and energy. Running my own business, it can be so easy to get bogged down with the little details, but I make the most progress when I keep focused on my true talents, and put them to use on projects and tasks that are in service of my soul purpose. This means always prioritizing things that are in alignment with this, delegating the rest where possible, and getting better about saying “no”.

In my book I describe [creating self-care practices] as cultivating a sense of healthy “higher-selfishness.” For me, this means using tools such as astrology, tarot, journaling and other esoteric practices to answer the question “who am I?”—meaning who I am beyond all the conditioning and demands of my external world, and what do I need in this moment. From this place, it becomes easier to make lifestyle choices, including self-care practices, that are in support of this authentic or “higher” self. Women especially can have a hard time putting our needs first, not least because half the time we’re disconnected from what it even is we really need. For me this is what self-care is all about."

– as told to Gooey Girl