Mikayla Mitchell, Co-founder of WRKSPC Oasis

When I was thinking of Gooey Girl Crushes for August's Rewrite Your Story theme, I immediately thought of the two brilliant minds behind WRKSPC Oasis. A coworking pop-up event centered around wellness and self-care, WRKSPC Oasis is rewriting the story of the workplace by bringing together women focused on their total wellbeing for a day of work, meditation, clean-eating, and holistic wellness sessions with Reiki healers, business coaches, nutritionists, and more. Since meeting Mikayla and her partner Kristine, I've been so inspired by both the movement they are so ambitiously creating and their ability to remain humble and kind while doing so. These are women who are deeply interested in healing not only themselves, but also entire communities of women and the world at large. We have this in common and for that reason alone, I'm honored to share their self-care stories here today. Continue on to read Mikayla's interview and then move right along to Kristine's

"Hi! My name is Mikayla, I helped found WRKSPC Oasis with Kristine. I came from an entertainment finance background and I’m currently pursuing my MBA. Mindfulness and spirituality has always played a large part in my life; after working in corporate finance for a few years and sacrificing a piece of my soul, I had to get out. So I decided to quit, jumped right into pursuing my Master’s degree, and haven’t looked back. I started freelancing and quickly realized that my lair of a house kept me the most isolated I had ever been. I often times left the house maybe twice a week. I then started going to coworking spaces around town, but none of them felt like they fed me energetically. They were sterile with the primary customer focus being on men. I didn’t see the point of going to a coworking space that only provided Internet. After a chance encounter at a meditation class, I met Kristine and we developed WRKSPC Oasis. We created it for the sole purpose of creating a safe space that allowed entrepreneurial women to meet and connect while feeding themselves on a physical and spiritual level. Many of us see our business as a form of creativity, so if we can provide a grounded and wellness focused space for the community to thrive, it allows them to focus on what matters.

Everything in my life is all about balance – the balance of the light and dark, the masculine and feminine. I need self-care because I need balance. As an entrepreneur, I can’t throw myself completely into something without sacrificing something else. There is naturally an energy of hustle in LA, and it is very hard for me not to judge myself for spending self-care time instead of work time. This is actually a constant struggle for me, but I just remind myself that I create my own reality and if I do not feed myself energetically, my other projects will not be fed either.

I have always integrated self-care into my life, but it wasn’t until this year that I made it a nonnegotiable. I’m extremely sensitive to energy so I naturally pick things up during the day. If I do not maintain a self-care practice, it becomes very difficult for me to focus for an extended period of time and I am too swayed by the energies of the day.

[My self-care philosophy is all about] balance. Balance. Balance. I tend to move pretty fast during the day, but my body almost always tells me what it needs. Connecting back with myself, especially after the early twenties, was not an easy thing to do. But now I do daily check-ins to gauge my energy levels – self-care is directly related to my energy. My self-care practice is always focused on the cleansing and charging of my energy using the energies of nature.

I have two healers that I go to who are also spiritual advisors. They see self-care as an integration of the physical and spiritual. A lot of their recommendations revolve around connection with nature and ways to cleanse my energy field.

Water is the strongest element that cleanses my energy field. I pick up a lot of unwanted energies during the day and it is the only self-care practice that creates a palpable difference for me.  I take weekly baths with lavender buds, rose buds, chamomile, mugwort and any other herb ally I’ve been working with.

During the warm months, I work at the beach on my laptop and make it a point to always go into the ocean. The ocean is the ultimate energy cleanser, there is nothing that resets me the way the ocean does.

I struggle with maintaining my energy but I also have intense anxiety. I used to drink a ton of coffee, but my anxiety would get so spun out that I couldn’t function – I no longer drink coffee or anything caffeinated. The only things that have helped me to ground my energy sustainably throughout the day are Schisandra berry, shilajit, and chamomile. I’m always walking around with my big mason jar of berries or cup of chamomile tea.

The beach will always be my safe haven. There is something about the energy there that allows me to separate myself from everything. When I'm at the beach, all I have to do is exist, and that's is a massively freeing feeling.

I’m trying to be kinder to myself. This is hard when I constantly feel like I could be doing more in my business and in my life. I’ve been implementing the mantra “I am in the exact right place at the exact right time, and I can create my perfect business on my own time”.  This helps me when I feel like I am moving too slowly and is all related to being less judgmental of myself as well as the world. I also tend to want to be invisible at times because it is easier energetically for me – I am working on changing this though. How can I encourage our community to step into their highest purpose and power if I occasionally choose not to?

We can all create exactly what we want, how we want. Just because something has been done one way for years doesn’t mean it’s the only way. To me, self-care is an essential tool that allows me to approach life on my own terms and authentically express myself through our unifying oneness."

– as told to Gooey Girl

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