Kristine Lopez, Co-founder of WRKSPC Oasis

When I was thinking of Gooey Girl Crushes for August’s Rewrite Your Story theme, I immediately thought of the two brilliant minds behind WRKSPC Oasis. A coworking pop-up event centered around wellness and self-care, WRKSPC Oasis is rewriting the story of the workplace by bringing together women focused on their total wellbeing for a day of work, meditation, clean-eating, and holistic wellness sessions with Reiki healers, business coaches, nutritionists, and more. Since meeting Kristine and her partner Mikayla, I’ve been so inspired by both the movement they are so ambitiously creating and their ability to remain humble and kind while doing so. These are women who are deeply interested in healing not only themselves, but also entire communities of women and the world at large. We have this in common and for that reason alone, I’m honored to share their self-care stories here today. Continue on to read Kristine's interview and then move right along to Mikayla's.

"My name is Kristine Lopez and I cofounded WRKSPC OASIS with Mikayla. I also create content for fashion, lifestyle and wellness brands.  I graduated with a degree in Public Health with the intention to promote health and wellness for communities. However, my past job roles since I graduated were in creative, fashion, business and accounting. My last job was at a photography agency and I have been freelancing as a photographer since I left two years ago!

The concept for Workspace Oasis was created almost on the first day I met Mikayla at a meditation class in Venice. We connected on our freelance struggles of working alone at home and have found ourselves similarly drawn to Holistic ways of healing. We wanted a space that would support our career goals and integrate wellness. After several coworking dates at coffee shops and cafés we put into motion creating WRKSPC OASIS! Our intention is to provide an inspiring space for women to work together, make genuine connections and have access to Holistic, Wellness and Spiritual offerings. We created Workspace Oasis because we wanted this to exist for ourselves. Thankfully our community has been so supportive and the concept is well received by the women who attend, our amazing facilitators and conscious brand partners. We’re so excited for what’s to come ahead!

I’ve suffered from digestive and health imbalance problems for a few years now and have sought out Holistic ways of healing. I’ve learned that having a clean diet is only one component to living in balance. Self-care and self-love are essential for my physical, spiritual and mental well-being. This year I have committed to caring for myself like it’s my full time job. I’m grateful that the universe has given me so many amazing spiritual experiences, Holistic healers, and self-care practices that support my wellness journey. My experience has been emotionally challenging but when I’m not feeling well I’m grateful for the opportunity to lean inward with compassion.

Healing, nourishing and caring for oneself is not a selfish act but the best thing you can do for your yourself and others.

I have an amazing Holistic Nutritionist and friend, Tara Curran. She's educated me about mindful consumption of whole foods with a holistic approach to include supplements, exercise and self-care. I'm so grateful for her nutritional guidance.One of the most important daily self care practices she’s suggested for me is journaling. I used to write in journals and diaries when I was younger, but it’s been one of the most valuable self-care practices I have incorporated into my daily routine.

Our first WRKSPC OASIS workshop was “Sacred Self Care” led by Ayurvedic Practitioner, Julie Bernier. After taking this workshop, I was drawn to the Ayurvedic principle of aligning yourself with nature. Being my own boss, I have no structure to my days. So my sleep, eating and self-care habits have been inconsistent. It's been challenging trying to implement a daily routine. The biggest lesson has been learning to be patient with the results I expect. Through Julie's guidance, I’ve learned to be more compassionate throughout my wellness journey.

Through WRKSPC OASIS, we also have amazing healers that support you on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Reiki healers I recommend are Stephanie Park and Lindsey Kimura. Holistic Esthetician, Hayley Wood, offers amazing facials with self-love therapy sessions. Licensed Therapist and Mindful Business Coach, Sepideh Saremi, is an amazing intuitive coach that reveals any limiting blocks you may have regarding your business and career. I'm so grateful for the community of supportive women we have met!

My daily self-care rituals include journaling, meditating, feeling gratitude, taking supplements and caring for my physical body through conscious consumption. I’ll be honest because I don’t always get to do these every day. However, I’m working on staying consistent because I do know the difference it makes when I don’t integrate these practices.

My weekly and monthly rituals include yoga, baths, spa days, Holistic facials, healing massages, Ayurvedic sessions, sitting still in nature, capturing moments through photography, tea ceremonies, moon circles, women’s gatherings, and traveling. These are all beautiful experiences I’ve been fortunate to manifest into my life. Since I’ve committed to investing in my well-being, the universe has supported this. I’m so grateful that my wellness journey aligns with my work, my passion and my community.

A huge part of my self-care practice is connection to community and nature. I’ve been immersing myself in women’s gatherings, tea ceremonies, moon circles and retreats. Any challenges and limiting beliefs that arise almost always disappear when I can hold space for others. I’ve been fortunate to have these beautiful experiences that nourish my soul and heals my body. A big part of WRKSPC OASIS is community. So I am grateful to co-create a space/experience for myself and for others to connect, support, heal and grow.

I feel like I’m always changing and learning- especially this year! A huge part of my self-care journey has been to witness my flaws with compassion. We can all be nicer, less judgmental, or procrastinate less. But I’ve learned to accept that I am human and there will always be room for growth. As long as I am mindful when negative feelings or judgments arise, I can choose to respond with compassion.

Self-care is essential not only for your own well-being, but for the well-being of others. When you truly love and care for yourself, you’re able to elevate others."

– as told to Gooey Girl

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