Jessica Lanyadoo, Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Writer

"Hi - I’m Jessica Lanyadoo and I’m an astrologer, psychic medium, tarot reader and reluctant writer. I’ve been working as a professional hippy since ’95, and have been meeting with clients as my full time job since late ’99. I live in Oakland, CA by way of Montreal, PQ.

You can find me on the usual places - I’m on Twitter, IG, FB, and if you go to my website you can read my weekly and monthly horoscopes or schedule a private consultation. I also make weekly astrology videos with Annabel Gat, the astrologer over at Broadly, so if you want to hear me try not to cuss too much and talk about the week’s transits, you should check it out!

In my field of work, self-care is essential. I advise others in their self-care practices, and my ability to help them hinges on my commitment to my own process. I strive to hold a deep and wide container for the folks I serve, and that requires consistency and dedication to my own wellness.

Being a medium is hard on the body. When I started channeling the dead for my clients on the reg, I had to make a deep self-care call: I could either keep up my chill lifestyle where I dipped my toes in and out of the pool of self-care, and cap out on what I could do with my life's work, or I could fully commit and see what I was really capable of. I quit a bunch of lowkey self-destructive habits and put healthy, grounding ones in their place. Now I work on my emo, behavioral, and psychic boundaries every day. This requires that I at least strive to be embodied and present.

Very generally speaking, I think that the 20’s are about going out there and having experiences that define you as an individual. The 30’s are about managing the material implications of who you choose to be, based on the wisdom of those experiences. The 40’s are a doorway into old age, and that’s where I am now. Still young, but also no longer young. This phase of development allows us to correct the things we’ve overlooked in youth, and to choose to promote a higher quality of life – or not. What I’ve learned is that defining ‘quality of life’ is an ongoing project, and it’s somewhat responsive to the world at large. So my commitment to self-care is always evolving and with each shift, I get to decide: will I slip into my shit, or step up?

Self-care, like life in general, is a serious WIP. I’m blessed with an amazing partner who is there for me in more ways than I ever dared to hope for. Our relationship is a huge source of love and support.

I’ve been working with the same energy healer once a week for many years, and she teaches me and helps me to keep myself energetically fluid. I don't know where I'd be without her!

Other people’s pain is like the fur from a long-haired cat upon my inner black velvet; it takes a lot of work to keep it off me, and when I can’t, it really stands out.

I use sage and Palo Santo on the daily to clear my energy and my space. I work with gemstones and nature and intention setting. I do a Tibetan fire clearing ritual several times a week, and have many practices that help me to receive the support of my guidance.

I’d generally rather be at home with my cats when I’m out of sorts, but getting right with myself is an inside job; the only place that I really need to go is within.

You’ll never be anyone but yourself. The way that I, or anyone else, practices self-care can be inspiring, but it can also be a distraction. Find ways of getting embodied, and being self-referential. Once that’s achieved you have the foundational tools for coping with whatever life throws at you."

– as told to Gooey Girl

Images c/o Jessica Lanyadoo