How to Journal Your Way to a New Story with Author and Podcast Host Katie Dalebout

Who better than a writer to interview this Rewrite Your Story month? A writer who literally wrote the book on journaling your way to a better you! Meet my new friend Katie Dalebout. A dynamic author and podcast host, Katie shares how her own experiences with journaling have transformed her life and gives us some dope tips for doing the same. Read on!

"Hi. I’m Katie Dalebout and I wrote a book about journaling called Let It Out and I’ve hosted a podcast since 2013 which used to be called The Wellness Wonderland Radio but now it’s also called Let It Out. It’s a long-form interview podcast where I have extended conversations with people I find interesting including everyone from actors and comedians to writers to my friends to yogis and I ask them whatever I’m curious about. We usually speak about spirituality, body-image, wellness, relationships, creativity, and feminism.

No one told me to journal I just intuitively tried it when I was feeling particularly lost in my life. I started writing out my unfiltered raw thoughts and emotions about those thoughts. For the first time I was being real, even if only to myself. I wasn’t wearing a mask and I could be myself without fear of judgement for the first time. I’m a people pleaser and so wanted to be liked I never really let myself be vulnerable with people even close friends, family, or therapists because I wanted them to like me. In my journal however, I could fully be real and, although it was just for me, it allowed me to develop some self-awareness and eventually I could carry that into my relationships with other people as well.

I’d recommend journaling to anyone looking to make internal changes because it helps you see yourself fully. We are so often distracting ourselves from our own thoughts and feelings but journaling forces you to put a mirror up in your face, without distractions or coping mechanisms like food, work, our phones, TV, relationships, etc. It forces you to simply be with yourself and take inventory of where you’re at. This is valuable because I don’t think you can figure out where you want to go or how you want to grow until you really take a look at where you are. Self-awareness is key to growth, I think.

I wrote my book for people who were resistant to journaling. It’s 55 journaling exercises / prompts in all different areas, everything from relationships to body image to organization.

But anyone can get started journaling but simply trying it, giving yourself time and freedom to just be present with yourself, and [being] honest. Write only for you. If you’re writing it as if someone else is going to read it then it’s not really journaling. Or, if you’re writing it for your future self, think of it more as a way to let out all the thoughts in your mind so you can see them in front of you, sort through them and decide which ones to listen to and keep and which ones are holding you back and you’re ready to let go of.

Start by asking yourself a good question. When you ask yourself a good question you’ll get a good answer from your intuition. Not a yes or no question but something like, ‘How could this situation improve?’ or ‘What would make tomorrow wonderful?’ and then just write freely."

– as told to Gooey Girl

Katie Dalebout is a writer and podcast host and you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.