Cydney Laine, Journalist and Founder of Colors of Ohm

"Hello! My name is Cydney Tucker [


]. I'm a full-time journalist, yoga instructor and the proud founder of

Colors of Ohm

. Colors of Ohm is a wellness collective dedicated to bridging the gap between people of color and wellness opportunities. We curate meaningful experiences such as workshops, retreats, and other monthly events to create a sense of community under the umbrella of wellness. 

I definitely had one of those "OMG" moments when it came to discovering the path to self-care and wellness. I've always been an active person, but it wasn't until I implemented yoga into my life that I realized the benefits of true self-care. Yoga at it's core means union, the union of movement and breath, the mediation between what's going on inside and out. My best friend Jessica actually dragged me to my first yoga class. It was a Hot Yoga class in Midtown Manhattan. I came unwilling, unprepared, and unfit to handle to the challenge of synchronization between the body and mind. Besides the fact that I also consumed very little water that day, I simply wasn't able to sit with myself –and that's what yoga does. It allows you to open up your mind, body, and soul and bridge that connection through breath and movement. After, I attended that hot class kicking and screaming, I continued to come for the challenge. Until I found myself and learned what self-care truly meant. 

My self-care philosophy is live and love within your authentic yourself. Embody that until you shine so bright, its blinding. Our world lacks authenticity, be that sunlight that shines despite the clouds. 

Often, we use others as a crutch to help us with self-care. I turn to myself. Once you learn what your body, mind, and soul need, you can care for them yourself. It's like buying your first plant at the store. At first you're clueless as to how to handle the plant, but then the store owner tells you exactly how much sunlight is required, how much water you need to feed it and when to change the soil. Fast forward a couple months, you've named said plant, know what room she likes best and gets the best sunlight in, just how much water she enjoys, and how frequently to change her soil. 

I personally use each interaction with wellness practitioners as a separate learning lesson, a new tool to add to my continually growing toolkit. 

My go-to practices for self-care include several things. For one it includes getting my body ready each day for the task ahead. I do a quick morning flow/meditation each morning to get my brain and body equipped for the day. These movements vary each morning and also by season, because the body requires different things at different times. 

When I'm in a rut or need to clear space in my head, I get out the house and head anywhere where there's a semblance of nature. The fresh air, the trees, it reenergizes me and grants me clarity in the mind. 

Each morning, it's part of my self-care routine to acknowledge my damaging thoughts and rid myself of them. 

I step in front of the mirror and remind myself that. 'I am ENOUGH. I can do this. I am beautiful and I am strong!'"

– as told to Gooey Girl

Image c/o Cydney Laine