Claire Fountain, Founder of TrillYoga

Claire Fountain and I first connected on Twitter where she reached out to me after I retweeted one of her (many) inspirational messages. From the jump, I knew she was special. And that only became more clear when I took the time to peruse her Instagram where she showcases her beautiful yet approachable yoga technique alongside a healthy dose of real wellness. She's also casually a celebrity yoga teacher, works with major brands, and draws a huge following on every platform she touches. But what I'm really crushing on, is that Claire celebrates every body that wants to move and every way in which it chooses to do so. She's showing that wellness doesn't have a look or a style or even a certain kind of music associated with it. Instead, she's proving that we can write our own stories of wellness and that life becomes so much more trill when we do.

"My name is Claire Fountain, though it seems most know me as


from IG. Technically, I’m a celebrity yoga instructor who created the now globally-recognized


, which started as a hashtag to describe how I practice and aims to break down the stigmas and stereotypes that exist in yoga. I’ve never been particularly good at following the rules, but moreover, I found a way to make yoga work for me, as me, and now a way to share that sense of authenticity and truth with others.

I think self-care is more about healing and protecting your truth when I think self-care these days. Healing is a daily practice. Self-care is self love. I had a life threatening eating disorder in high school that almost killed me. Being that close to death, you start looking at life and your body differently. You see how delicate life can be, and how much time is wasted not loving yourself. When we believe we are worthy, as we are, self-love (and thus self-care) becomes far easier.

[My self-care philosophy] is less about practices and more about intention and intuition. It’s not one size fits all, and if something feels off, it probably is. Self-care is the things we do for ourselves. I’ve spent years working with a therapist at times, and I’ve found it incredibly helpful to have the perspective. Otherwise, I get massages or spend time with someone I love.

[My self-care practices include] Quiet. Long showers. Being kind to myself in thought and deed. Talking to people I love who make me laugh or think or remind me of things I cannot see. Eating good food. Drinking lots of water. Loving.

If the head is totally not on straight, and I’ve lost myself…I find an ocean. Traveling sounds like a luxury, so it’s not ideal for everyone but returning to nature in whatever capacity I can (even going 30 minutes outside of NYC to some trees and clean air) really helps to reset my heart, soul, and mood.

Also, as women, we are innately connected to mother earth and nature. I was advised once to go put my hands and feet in soil or sand or just touch the earth when I was out of sorts. It sounds wildly woo woo spiritual, but there is something to be said for how powerful women are, and when we aren’t in tune and stable, it ripples into other areas of life in big ways.

Also, day to day, turn your phone off or put it away… like really away. Even with much of my work being on social media, I’m a very conscious user who engages in a way I feel ok with. We all need to get grounded sometimes.

[Right now] I am working to override my depression type tendencies which robs me of motivation and creates a fog of apathy. I’m also working on not letting my acceptance turn into a weakness, and figuring out what healthy boundaries look like for me as I enter my 32nd year in October. Those might be a bit heavy, but I’ve never been one for the faint of heart!"

– as told to Gooey Girl

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