Brittany Josephina, Writer, Life Coach, Meditation Instructor

I am Brittany Josephina! I'm a writer, life coach and meditation instructor. I work intimately with Black Girl Magik as their workshop facilitator and am the co-founder of Divine Release where I host healing self-care spaces that consist of reiki, energy healing, community building and self-exploration. I can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and on my website

Honestly, self-care is a way of life for me. It's a necessity. It's my way of actively being my own best friend. It's how I maintain my relationship with myself. When we're operating in the world, we understand ourselves in relationship to others, whether that means being a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee. However, self-care is about showing up for myself over and over again. It's my way of remembering that, "Hey, I am mine first and I have a right to be deliberately attentive to my needs, wants, desires and joy." With the line of work I'm in, it's necessary for me to release and purge because I work with a variety of clients that I hold space for. Self-care is how I hold space for myself.

My self-care philosophy is rooted in three principles: transparency, intention and mindful indulgence. My disposition is totally sweet, giving and nurturing to others. However, I've learned to be adamant about what I'm receiving and experiencing for my well-being.

Because this is so, I balance that out with infusing self-care quite vividly in my life! It's humorous - because I can easily view any action as an act of self-care. Saying no. Saying yes. Eating a cupcake. Drinking a green smoothie. Intention is the name of my game. As long as I'm intentionally showing up for myself in small and large ways that serves me, I am more fulfilled in my life.

When I need self-care help from others, I turn to the relationships in my life. I have to admit this is something I'm getting better at because I can be very independent in my healing practices. Almost to a fault. My note to self and advice to others is: build community around yourself. I have designated relationships in my life. Certain people I turn to for different guidance: career, spirituality, emotional wellness, being a 20-something-year difficulties. What I get out of it is that my feelings, my experiences and I am validated.

Firstly, having a morning and night time ritual is mandatory for me. Prayer, meditation, setting my intention for the day, stretching my body and journaling. Consistency is key. I may not do all of the activities, but I do a combination of those options. Why? Because I often have a lot going on in my daily life that without reflection, I'll get caught up. Doing breath work and reiki in the last year has been pivotal. I do breath work with St. Foxie and work with Liana Naima, as well.

When I need to get my head straight the first place I'm going is for a hike or walk to the water. I grew up less than 5 minutes away from water and spent a lot of my childhood outdoors. Being in nature, breathing in fresh air and getting grounded is both nostalgic and instantly soothing for me. Another place I'm going is to the bathroom. Working 1-on-1 with clients and picking up on various energies, I've learned more deeply the power of a great shower or hot bath. My self-care routine when it comes to bathing is extensive and luxurious. I'm probably lighting a few candles, utilizing the best aromatic epsom salt, fresh herbs and letting go. Oh, and a good night out dancing with girl friend is most definitely self-care!

Self-care is a process that's going to evolve and shift as you evolve and shift. The key is to continue to pay attention to the people, places, thoughts and activities that are fueling, nourishing, uplifting or relieving you. If it's working, stick with it and even expand on it. If it's not working, but it worked before, that's OK. Shift. Get in a delicious habit of learning when to pivot. And don't be afraid of building community and having that entity as a part of self-care. For a long time, I was comfortable and enjoyed working on myself by myself. However, I've learned how validating and healing it is to be surrounded by people who see you and want to support you in your journey.

– as told to Gooey Girl

Image c/o Brittany Josephina