Why I Built Inner Play

Image by Celene Carrara of Lenea Sims, Founder of Inner Play

Image by Celene Carrara of Lenea Sims, Founder of Inner Play

First of all, WELCOME!!! I am beyond excited / scared / anxious / grateful to present to you this labor of love. For the first time I get why people call their creative projects their babies. Planned or not, sometimes these little packages of you just burst forth and, as cute and as integral to you as they are, they no doubt fuck your shit up.

As many of you know, I started an abundance challenge last month. I thought it was going to be a lot about doing cute journal prompts and energy exercises to manifest money. But what actually ensued was that I made a very simple decision to just be abundant and – s/o universe – opportunity, grace, ease, creativity, and abundance just flooded into my life.

Deciding to be abundant led me to put my creative work out there for the first time without fear. Deciding to be abundant made me see opportunity EVERYWHERE. I turned over more stones this past month than a gem miner, jah feel. Deciding to be abundant led me to a greater sense of peace than I’ve ever felt. My connection with the universe right now is nextttt level, y’all!!!

And most importantly, this decision to be abundant has led us all here: to Inner Play.

Inner Play is a studio that creates and curates intentional + joyful products, contents, and experiences so that we can actually enjoy the process of evolving into our best selves.

I started Inner Play because, after almost four years of working on Gooey Girl (RIP), I realized that all I really wanted to talk about was the fun stuff! The slime! The rock climbing! The hula hooping! These were the practices that made people smile and, when done with intention, made their lives better, richer, more fulfilled.

So Inner Play is a brand dedicated to exactly that: the practices, products, places, and people that bring us JOY. It’s not about “fixing” ourselves or digging deep through every crater of our beings. You won’t ever see a sharing circle on our events calendar. No, instead we’re about enhancing our energies through play, creativity, and community. We’re about encouraging you to find what brings you joy and helping you to practice that as often as you can.

This matters because we all deserve to live a life that is joyful, easeful, and abundant. When we are in our joy, we get aligned with our truest, most highest selves. We radiate compassion, respect, peace, grace, happiness, and love. And this, in turn, radiates into our communities and, eventually, into our world. I don’t know about you, but I’d really prefer to live in a world where everyone’s day-to-day energy is actually aligned with their purest, brightest soul, am I right?!?

Inner Play exists to bring you into alignment with your joy so you can be the catalyst in your community. Start now by making a list of everything that makes you smile and committing to doing at least one thing on that list each day. Up the ante by sharing this with someone who might resonate with it and asking them to be your Playdate (your accountability buddy).

Now let’s add some color and some life back into this wellness game, shall we?! Let’s bring energetic health to the fore of self-care discussions. Let’s get in touch with our creativity and remember to play! Let’s smile while we reflect on ourselves, let’s laugh in the face of fear and doubt, let’s remember, always, that at Inner Play, healing means having fun.

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