What's Your Karmic Tax?

Parking Ticket Queen (2019) by Lenea Sims; Scarlet lilies are a symbol of highest self aspiration and so is this pic of me in Mexico 😉

Parking Ticket Queen (2019) by Lenea Sims; Scarlet lilies are a symbol of highest self aspiration and so is this pic of me in Mexico 😉


My friends and I got to talking the other night about what we’re calling Karmic Tax.

Karmic Tax is essentially the income tax you pay on life. It’s the shitty circumstance you have to survive ever so often just to remind you of a key lesson in your life. For example, my Karmic Tax used to be (🤞🏽) parking tickets. If you knew me two years ago, you most definitely heard me complaining about a parking ticket because I ALWAYS HAD ONE. I would get one, pay it off, get another one sometimes the very next day. Like clockwork, this tax came into my life and set off an alarm every month, at least.

After much distance from a parking ticket (1 year going strong baby!), I’ve come to realize that they were really just symbolic of my dissatisfaction with the direction my life was headed. I hated my job, my living situation, and my lifestyle in general. So, I was late to almost everything because, tbh, I didn’t want to go in the first place. Being late in LA means frantically searching for parking, grabbing whatever you can find, running to your office/appointment, and thus completely forgetting to check signs or meters. Hello parking tickets, hello Karmic Tax collectors!!!

I mean is it any wonder that as soon as I moved, quit my job, and totally adjusted my lifestyle to one full of more ease and time to myself, I haven’t gotten a single ticket? I mean a designated parking spot at my apartment also helps buttttt I digress 😉. The big lesson my Karmic Tax taught me is that if your life isn’t aligned with your truth, the universe will do its damndest to remind you of that ever so often. So, watch out bbs, she ain’t afraid to come collectin’!!!

And keep in mind that Karmic Taxes don’t have to be monetary; They can also just be an annoying thing that happens to you over and over again. My friend Raquel, for example, repeatedly locks herself out of her car whenever she has car trouble. Her tax is a reflection of her tendency to get frazzled when something goes wrong which obvi ends up making the situation worse. Her lesson is to be have more chill when these things happen so she doesn’t approach them with the energy of chaos and make the situation even more frustrating.

I’m convinced that these taxes, in many ways, work like real income tax. They’re annoying, no one really wants to pay them, but they’re the price we must pay for our spot in the universe. They’re much better than real income taxes though, because they also can teach us a great deal about our needs, our true desires, and accountability. At the end of the day, after all, we decide what lessons we want to keep learning. It’s up to us to change our circumstances so that we can free ourselves of any unnecessary burdens that drain our resources or slow us down.

So, what’s your Karmic Tax? And what does it represent in your life?

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