Seminal moments: What are they and what can they teach us?

seminal moments-01.jpg

In art history, seminal moments are thought of as tipping points – works of art so groundbreaking they change the discipline forever. They break the bounds of what we thought was possible and show us an entirely new way of doing things.

These moments aren’t all about art – they occur in every facet of history. Just think of Facebook or Instagram, automobiles or airplanes, scissors or sliced bread!

Seminal moments occur also, of course, in our lives. They’re the big things like the birth of a child or a marriage, but they’re also in little moments like making a new friend, discovering an artist you admire, deciding to go vegan, or even the revolutionary moment that is buying your first grown-up couch.

These moments often get glazed over in the moment. They knock our socks clean off and we’re so busy being inspired we forget to take note. But, when we look back on these moments in time, they often paint a pretty obvious picture. And if we take the time to denote what they actually mean to us, it brings a sense of clarity about our lives that can be rather reassuring. Instead of feeling like we’ve been traipsing along without a sense of direction, we begin to take stock of how divine intervention has always been leading us down a path of growth, of inspiration, of finding our truth.

In no particular order, my seminal moments include: my high school, Ken Price, sociology, Solange, my boyf, going to New Zealand, going to Mexico, getting highlights, Susan Alexandra, Reiki, Alaska, that other time I went to Mexico, Santa Cruz last year, braids, quitting my office job, and Gooey Girl (duh).

Now that I have my list, I can begin to ask myself Why. Why do these moments or people stand out? What lessons have I learned from them? Then, we can start to see where the lessons overlap. For example: I clearly I love a trip, I love a beautiful yet silly object, I love my freedom, and also my hair causes me a lot of anxiety lol.

What are some of your seminal moments? Are they friends or artists that inspire you? Trips you’ve taken? Big aha moments? Spell ‘em out, sing ‘em loud, learn from their wisdom!

*Not sure what your seminal moments say about your path? Sounds like a great question for the hotline ;)