The Deets on My Abundance Challenge!

What abundance looks like in my mind c/o  Man Repeller ; also a foreshadowing of sorts if all goes to plan…hehe

What abundance looks like in my mind c/o Man Repeller; also a foreshadowing of sorts if all goes to plan…hehe

A lesson I struggle with again and again is money. How to get it, how to keep it, how to make it grow. And considering how many of you have told me that you want to manifest Abundance this year, I know I’m not alone.

This week, I had some unexpected bills arise that really highlighted for me just how unaligned I am with the energy of Abundance and so I decided to give myself a challenge!

By my birthday on March 2, I will try to manifest + earn $5000 outside of my steady paycheck.

Beyond money. the biggest reason I’m doing this is that I want to clear the energies I have around deserving abundance so I can rewrite my success story. To be unaligned with abundance has meant self-doubt, second guessing my every idea and stalling right before I put my gifts into the world. Does this sound familiar?

To be aligned with abundance, means feeling confident, allowing opportunities to flock to me, being firm in my boundaries, reclaiming my power and my worth. It means putting forth ideas that have been brewing in my mind for months, even years! It means placing my trust in the flow of my life and in the universe to support me in the best way it knows how.

I’m also passionate about documenting this challenge because I’m tired of seeing manifesting programs from “experts” who aren’t willing to show the nitty gritty. I’ve always wanted to see someone talk about not only the visualizing and intention, but also the action and hustle that goes into making our dreams come true. After all, we can’t just think our way there. So, I’ve made a vow to become that person and take you along with me in the most vulnerable way I know how.

I hope you’ll join me as I take on this major challenge and think of supporting me by sending a question into my hotline, picking up something from the shop, or just telling me what abundance means to you in the comments below! There’s much MUCH more coming soon so please stay tuned!