Take Action or Take a Hike


- We must learn to emBODY our spiritual values or else they’re useless. Take action or take a hike!

- Embodying our values means walking the talk and also recognizing our mind’s TINY proportion to our entire bodies. Our mind is not the master, our bodies are.

- In the same way, the systems and people in power may seem large but they really only make up a tiny part of the collective body.

- So, once we must embody our values personally, we can begin embody them as a collective body.

- This means coming from our hearts, not our heads. This means leading with soul, not with ego. This means being compassionate and united, not angry and divisive.

- Alas, this is why this work we’re doing is so critical. When we embody our passion, our calling, our truth, we put it out into the world physically and we inspire others to do the same. This creates a domino effect that affects our entire collective body.

- When the whole collective body unites in embodied heart, spirit, and soul, we CAN take on the egoic state of our world. We CAN, in fact, begin to rule the collective ego mind.