Black Moon Lilith


Lilith is believed to have been Adam’s first wife who was made from the same dirt as him and, as such, was appalled at the idea of having to submit to his will. Her refusal to do so got her banished from the Garden of Eden and her reputation was made as the seductress of the mythological world. Nowadays, her status extends to the Zodiac where, by tracking her placement in our charts, we can begin to understand our own subconscious desires and shadows. She is the perfect #dharmadiva for psychic utero week because she represents our repressed vulnerabilities AKA the very things holding us back from success. She asks us to express ourselves creatively to move through these blocks and to earth our spiritual longings. Explore her placement in your chart to add a layer of understanding to your transformation this week.

*collage by me (plz someone get this image reference)

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