Psychic Wash


There’s really only one way to embrace the dark night of your cocoon: surrender. We have to stop thinking that the universe is in the palm of our hand, at the will of our control and instead remember that we are simply offering our energy to it. Our transformation from cocoon to butterfly happens only when we surrender intentionally. 

Cue: the psychic wash. When a negative thought pattern begins or the anxiety sets in, simply swoop your hand in a motion around your head as if you’re physically scooping it out and disposing of it. Then dust off your hands like there’s a debris to rid yourself of and offer it up to an element. Air and earth are solid options anytime, but feel free to pass it on to fire or water too if there’s some nearby.

This simple action will 1) make you aware of how often you are devolving into thought about a situation that can only be felt through and 2) communicate a message to the universe that you’re ready to surrender to her will. As you practice this, you will find that the promise of your butterfly begin to outweigh any fear of the dark cocoon you once entertained.

*typography by @subliming.jpg, quote by Deepak Chopra, collage by moi

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