Understanding and Balancing the Energies of Procrastination

Never put off till tomorrow  (2018) by Lenea Sims

Never put off till tomorrow (2018) by Lenea Sims


Conquering the stronghold of procrastination requires acquiring a certain strength of your own. Like the soft curves of the body, the graceful fins of the fish, and the silkiest of satin, the strength you must develop cannot be one of brute force. Instead, it must be soft, organic, flowing, and adaptable. Doing your life’s work, after all, is not only about power or ego, but also about an embrace of a childlike curiosity, an imaginative fervor for life, and a liberated approach to creation. To balance these seemingly opposite energies, we must first understand the unique roles the second and third chakras – aka the sacral and solar plexus that dominate our abdomens – play in our lives. Then, we must understand how to physically balance them through energetic exercises and daily practice. Remember: change your energy, change your life. Let’s get started!

Understanding the energetics of procrastination:

Emotionally, procrastination leaves you clogged, pent up, frustrated. Having come out of a multi-year phase of this myself only very recently, I know all too well the nagging feeling of dropping the ball CONSTANTLY on what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s only made worse by the fact that the only person telling you to do these things is you so you’re really just letting yourself down and now you’re sad and eating ice cream instead of doing anything and whoops there goes another day and and and... The cycle repeats.

You may be thinking, this sounds similar to psychic utero. The difference? While psychic utero exists as a layover on your way towards a new calling, procrastination appears when you know the next step but won’t get out of your way enough to get there. And, most importantly: while psychic utero is meant to give you time to reflect, procrastination shows up as a reminder to ACT. NOW!!!

The war between chakras 2 + 3, embodied in this genius meme by  @sighswoon

The war between chakras 2 + 3, embodied in this genius meme by @sighswoon

To do that, you first need to understand the energetics of procrastination. Procrastination is a war between your second and third chakras. The second aka your sacral chakra holds the key to all things artistic. It is responsible for creation (#babies but also creative projects) and, as such, it runs on trust, childlike wonder, go-with-the-flow, liberated energy. It is also deeply attached to the heart chakra so the energy here is absolutely prime for pouring forth your truth through creative endeavors – aka what we all want to do but, for some strange reason end up not doing.

That reason? The third chakra. Also known as your solar plexus, the third chakra, when poorly integrated as it typically is in Western society, is kind of a bully on the system. The energy here is domineering, logical, not trusting, obsessed with responsibility and “shoulds.” Where the second chakra is attached to the heart, the third is attached to the third eye which feeds its need to think, rather than feel. This energy causes us to second guess and overthink every little detail, leaving little time or energy left for actual doing. Sound familiar?

As Donna Eden says in her incredible book Energy Medicine, “If the second chakra holds the natural child, the third chakra holds the controlling parent.” So, when the two have a difficult relationship with one another, tension builds – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. If the child (the second) is insisting upon creating what she wants in pure love and trust that it will work out, but the overbearing parent (the third) is insisting that she “get a real job” and “focus on something productive,” there will be mad tension!!

You don’t have to have had an actual overbearing parent to relate to this all-too-familiar story. No, you can instead just feel into the last time you doubted your abilities or – here’s a fun one – simply look around at the world we live in 🙄🙄🙄 There is no doubt that our society places a HUGE amount of emphasis on the third chakra. We’re all about reasoning our way there, planning the shit out of every step (but not really taking the steps), using logic before we use our hearts, etc. And, as we all know, this is seen as the key to success. What kind of success?, I may counter.

After all, since when is success determined by our ability to plan and reason? What about our emotional success? When we only think of success in terms of power, identity, and ego, we play into the narrative that the third chakra runs the show. It’s time to reflect: How is our societal and institutional emphasis on logic combined with our hesitation to embrace the heart affecting our personal ability to step out of procrastination and into our greatness?

More  @sighswoon  genius

More @sighswoon genius

Now, don’t get it twisted – this isn’t some ploy to turn you against the third chakra or stage a coup at your local city hall. In fact, the third chakra is also home to some pretty great stuff like our ability to craft an identity and our personal power.

So the answer lies not in renouncing the third chakra altogether, but instead coercing it so that it uses its power to amplify the second chakra’s natural creative, liberated, trusting instinct. Indeed, we have to merge these two energy centers so that we can both live from a childlike state of creating for the sake of it (second) AND therefore craft an identity out of this creative energy (third).

Balancing the energies of procrastination:

Let’s get started. Below, you’ll find physical exercises to do that will bring these very ideas to light. Remember, no energy work is ever complete if you do not physically act upon the metaphysical ideas being put forth. This initiates the manifestation process.

1. The Belt Flow Exercise:

In Energy Medicine, Donna Eden explains that there is an energy system that exists between these two chakras that, if left unattended, can become a wall between them. This cuts off the second chakra’s ability to influence the third and so this exercise, created by Eden, is critical to opening up this flow. Do it before bed and/or upon waking.

  1. Place your left hand over the center of your rib cage and then place your right hand on top of it. Inhale deeply and, holding the breath in, push your hands towards your ribs and your ribs towards your hands firmly.

  2. Release the breath and your hands simultaneously. Repeat three times.

  3. Take your left hand, fingers spread, to the right side of your rib cage and inhale. Release the breath as you drag your fingers firmly towards your navel. Repeat 5-10 times.

  4. Repeat step 3 with your left hand on your right side.

2. Give both chakras attention:

A simple version of the above exercise is to just place a hand on both the sacral and solar plexus chakras simultaneously. The sacral (second) is located just below your naval where your reproductive organs sit. The solar plexus (third) is located between the naval and the rib cage. To do this exercise, simply hold a hand on both while laying down for about three minutes. Feel into their energies and imagine them growing closer together. This is a great go-to for when you are feeling self-doubt creep in but are in a setting where you can’t quite do the whole belt flow. It’s also great to just add in to your morning or nighttime routines.

3. If you feel dominated by your third chakra’s energies: Daydream

Hoping these get you to the last brain <3 by  @sighswoon  again

Hoping these get you to the last brain <3 by @sighswoon again

If you find yourself constantly planning and overthinking, try instead thinking for 10 minutes a day about what it is you want and allowing yourself to daydream about it. Think about how it will feel when you have this thing, what your daily life will look like when you have accomplished this goal. Imagine yourself working on a project with ease and excitement. Schedule this into your calendar and force yourself to stay positive throughout it. You’re only daydreaming, after all :)

4. If you feel dominated by your second chakra’s energies: Strategize

I know this may seem contrary to everything I stated above, but the truth of the matter is, some people (me included) struggle less with a dominance of the third chakra and are instead paralyzed by our second. You know you’re a person like this if you find yourself struck with ideas constantly and can’t pick which one to start with or you have many grandiose visions but are incapable of setting up the smaller goals needed to get there. If this is you, you need to strategize! This guide by my friend/member of the GG collective Kaitlin Maud quite honestly was the driving force to pull me out of my funk. It is so simple and straightforward that even the planning-averse will find it to be a breeze. Start here if you need help deciding where to begin.

5. Stop thinking about it

An incredible intuitive I saw earlier this week reminded me that, in order to move out of procrastination, you just have to stop thinking and start doing. He told me that I only get 10 seconds to think about things so if I have an idea, then I have to just act. No second guessing, no optimizing the idea – just go with it and attune if necessary from there.

That’s all I have for you today! If you’re interested in having a 1:1 session with me to determine your personal energetic blocks and develop a personalized energy protocol, shoot me an email. I’m taking just a few appointments for December but it’s a potent time for manifesting before the New Year.

Peace be with you as you jump off the procrastination cliff towards your higher destiny, bbs.

Love you,


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