Often, the thing keeping us from embodying our values is fear of judgement. What will my friends from high school think when they see me suddenly being creative even though I was never that guy back then? How will my parents react when they learn I want to pursue my creative calling for a living when I know they actually want me to work in tech? How do I embody my heart in a world that increasingly tells me being feminine is “a farce?”

Okay that last one is a little loaded buttttt the point is: we often fall victim to the dangerous cycle of putting too much weight in other people’s opinions and, thus, being held us back from being in tune with our own truths. And then we walk around, heads hung low and shoulders slumped, trying to hide the gaping hole in our hearts. Instead of exposing our wound, we close up tighter and the people around us prod trying to figure out what the hell is up. This creates an infuriating cat and mouse game wherein our friends and family chase us, pawing at the wound with their suggestions, exposing just how little they really know about what we’re actually feeling, thus making us feel alone and unheard and damaging us even more!

There’s gotta be a better way, you think! Good news: there is. Better news: all you have to do is DO SOMETHING!!!!

Create the thing you’ve been thinking about and show it to your mom. Go out to lunch with your friends and talk to them about the project you’re working on. Post a pic on IG of that cool painting you just made if that’s your vibe. It really easy that easy to stop thinking and just do. It doesn’t have to be perfect or productive or profitable. It just has to come from you. There is no wrong way to express your authenticity and choosing to do so every day will – quite literally – save you.

Remember, the secrets we keep make us sicker than situations do. All it takes to feel better is to tend to our wounds. Thinking about what other people think is a sure fire way to get frustrated and immobilized. Instead, take action! Wash away the thoughts, embody the passion of the pink rose, and DO what you can do TODAY to reveal yourself to the world.

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